Are You Guilty of Making These Mistakes When Washing Your Car?


Are you one of the many that are guilty of washing your car the wrong way?

It is surprising the amount of people that make these common mistakes when washing their car.

  1. Using a Sponge

Many people’s go to item when washing their car is a sponge, when really you should be using a wash mitt. When using a wash mitt, you won’t damage your paintwork and you can avoid those awful swirl marks that appear when using a sponge.

  1. One Bucket

Invest in two buckets, rather than just using one. Fill the first bucket up with car shampoo and the other one use for rinsing your wash mitt. This way you avoid tainting the clean water with the dirt you have removed from your car.

  1. Washing up Liquid

You have run out of car shampoo and your next option is washing-up liquid… Even though this will clean your car, it will also strip off any wax. Moral of this point? Always use car shampoo if you do not want to ruin your sleek finish.

  1. Waxing

Waxing is worth the effort, as it not only gives your paintwork a satisfying shine, it also adds an extra protective layer.

  1. Dry Naturally

You’ve taken time to wash your car, so why leave the job half done? Even though it will save you time, your car will then be covered in water marks that will draw the wrong kind of attention to your hard work.

  1. Only Cleaning What You Can See

As easy as it is to only clean parts of the car that are visible, cleaning under the wheel arches is extremely important, especially if you own an old car. If you don’t, mud can build up which in time will lead to rust. Something you definitely want to avoid happening.


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