Cars With The Most Expensive Additional Extras

When you buy a car, it is very rarely a spontaneous decision. You will have either had a specific car on your mind, or test drive many until you fall in love with a certain make and model.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect car, this is where the fun begins. Adding on extras and seeing just how much you can spec up your car before you make your purchase can be addictive and extremely tempting…

But which manufacturers offer the most expensive extras? Read on to find out… 

  • Jaguar F-Type V6

Even though Jaguar is already a prestige brand, the add on extras to this baby jag can turn this incredible car into something truly special. If you add on performance seats in premium leather, you are looking at an extra £2,945 and the Jaguar Super Performance Braking System will set you back a further £2,500. But the biggest hit will be the three grand price tag on the electrics; ranging from reverse parking sensors to air-conditioning.

Total price: With the added extras, you will be looking at over £88,000 (increase of 52% from base car cost)

  • Porsche Cayenne

The options of additional extras with the Porsche Cayenne are extreme. From having your key painted the same colour as your car (£158) to luxurious air vents made from leather (£1,206) it is no surprise that all the options you can add on can result in you doubling the base car cost. The figure that may shock you the most, is the £5,463 carbon composite brakes you can add on.

Total price: After the added extras, you will be looking at over £109,000 (increase of 140% from base car cost)

  • BMW 316i ES Saloon

If you can only drive an automatic, then you will have to fork out £1,550, which is more expensive than the 19” wheels which are priced at £1,320. Even though the Jaguars costs are much dearer, due to a BMW 316i ES Saloon been a cheaper car, after all the extras, we nearly reach the entire car’s value again in options.

Total price: With the added extras, your total car cost will be over £45,000 (increase of 97% from base car cost)

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