Dip Your Car The Right Way

Rightly so, dipping has become extremely popular among car enthusiasts. However, there are many “installers” that claim to have the best product for the cheapest price on the market and with these competitive prices, comes a lot of choice for you.

When you are a car owner, you in a sense become attached to your car. In the modern era you can not get from point A to B without having to hop in a vehicle, hence why people do not think twice about splashing out on a car that will give them a more enjoyable ride.

Even though everybody loves a bargain, do not sell yourself and your car short of quality. Competitive prices can be both good and bad, but bear in mind, the cheapest option may seem appealing at first, but could end up costing you a lot of money further down the line.

Having a “dip” on your vehicle has become popular over the years and if you have decided you would like your car dipped but you are overwhelmed by the amount of products on your market, one area you should look out for is the difference in prices. If some products are ‘cheap’ start asking yourself why is the price differs from the rest. Are they using a dip that will damage your original paintwork? Are they mixing with the correct thinners?

That “bargain” could result in your original lacquer coming off when you try to peel the dip off. So before you trick yourself into believing the “bargain” is worth it, learn why professionals and semi professionals swear by Ngenco.

Pre-mixed, designed, manufactured and tested all in the UK by trained technicians and chemists means that the product is not only safe, but one of the best on the market.

Ngenco DIY is specifically designed for DIY and semi professionals to transform your car. Available in any colour and easy to use means your dream finish is at your fingertips. Even though Ngenco DIY can be easily applied once you degrease the surface you require dipping, we also have applicators around the world who can dip your car for you.

Don’t have doubts about dipping your car and use Ngenco for a world class finish.