Fear the Gritter No Longer With PROTECT


Prevent lasting damage to your car and shield your pride and joy from whatever the road has to throw at it with Protect. Find out why this product is so unique...

From the moment, your wheels touch the road, your car suddenly becomes vulnerable to everything the road can throw at you. Even though you have no control over the weather or a loose stone that hits your car, you do have the power on how to prevent lasting damage to your vehicles paintwork.

Instead of your heart skipping a beat every time you fall behind the road gritter, the tractor or the muddy lorry, fear no more with Ngenco Protect.

Why is Protect so unique?

  • No lasting damage to your vehicles paintwork or its resale value
  • Five-year warranty which safeguards your car against bird lime, stone chips, key marks, scratches and UV light
  • No longer need to worry about stress marks, malicious damage, road debris or car washing swirls that cannot be removed.
  • Guarantees to shield your car from the whatever the road throws at you.

When Protect is professionally applied, your car suddenly has an invisible shield, where debris bounces off the surface, and even high impact stones cannot leave lasting marks.

What’s more, is that when the time comes to revert to your cars original finish, you will not find any residue or marks – it will look good as new.

Protect is the only paint protection system on the market that has the power to shield your car from the everyday rigours of the road. Get in touch with your local application specialist  today, and give yourself peace of mind that your vehicle is protected.

With over 35 years’ experience within the industry, Ngenco has the experience, commitment and unique product development which sets them apart from their competitors.