Motorcycle Paint Protection: Protect your Motorbike from the Elements

Harsher weather means your motorcycles paint protection could be at risk, but not if you have the right protection… Learn why in Ngenco’s latest blog.

Autumn is here and it is not long now until the weather takes a turn for the worse, which means now is the perfect time to start protecting your motorcycle.

By taking some precautious steps before you take your motorcycle out on the road, you will protect your paint work, while keeping a healthy and envious shine.

Unfortunately, if you do not take care of your motorcycle, it will become subject to everything nature can throw at it; grit, leaves, debris, bird lime… The list can go on.

The benefits of PROTECT

  • Reliable, durable and a safe way to protect your vehicle
  • Prevents scratches, chips, road debris, bird lime, UV light and key marks causing damage
  • The ULTIMATE guard for your vehicle – the only paint protection system which is on the market that can GUARENTEE to shield your motorcycle from the everyday rigors of the road
  • PROTECT has self-healing qualities, which ensures any temporary marks that make their way into your car will soon disappear
  • When reverting back to your motorcycles original finish, PROTECT leaves no marks or residue
  • Five-year warranty

Is PROTECT right for you?

PROTECT is a spray on, crystal clear, high gloss coating that can GUARANTEE the ultimate guard for your motorcycle. If you want your pride and joy to continue to look like the day you bought it – Ngenco PROTECT will not disappoint.

With a five-year warranty, you can be certain your motorbike is protected for whatever the road has to throw at you. Get in touch with your local applicator today and see why PROTECT is having a dramatic effect on the motor industry.