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  • Are These the World’s Best Supercars?

    There are many exceptional cars that have appeared through the years, however there are only a few that really get our pistons going! Topping out at 200mph and hitting 0-60 in under three seconds is old news, these cars offer so much more… Continue reading

  • Five Tips For Protecting Your Car From Scratches And Scrapes

    Unfortunately, if you have a car, you run the risk of falling victim to scratches, scrapes and dents. Instead of wondering whether your car will look the same once you return from the shops, follow these tips to reduce the chances of having to go to an auto body shop to repair the damage. Continue reading

  • Design Your Car to Match Your Team this FA Cup Final

    At the end of May, we will see two Premier League teams compete against one another for the ultimate prize; to be crowned Champion of the oldest recognised football tournament worldwide. Continue reading

  • Britain’s Favourite Classic Cars

    From a vintage Rolls Royce to the classic Mini Cooper, us Brits just can’t get enough of driving and collecting classic cars. Read on as we run down some of the most popular makes and models…

    Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

    The Silver Shadow is one of the nation’s most loved Rolls-Royce models. Not only did it have a host of celebrity fans including George Best, Andy Warhol and Vidal Sassoon, due to high demand it also essentially saved Rolls-Royce from bankruptcy when it was first manufactured in 1965. Continue reading

  • 5 Car Care Tips for Spring

    As we wave goodbye to winter, not only will be seeing more sunshine and warmer temperatures, it also means it’s time to change to a spring car care routine!

    To ensure your car continues to look great and stays in safe working order this spring, make sure you follow our 5 top tips…

    1. Thoroughly clean your car

    Your car goes through a lot of stress during winter… There’s more debris on the road, you tend to find more dints and dents, and salt and grit can become engrained into your paintwork. Now is the perfect time to give your car some tender loving care to remove any debris and prevent further damage occurring. Continue reading

  • Lamborghini Announce £50k Colour Option

    If you're buying a supercar, chances are you'll be presented with some ludicrously expensive additional extras. In fact, some are so expensive, they’ll cost you the same as an entire new car.

    As a luxury sports car brand, Lamborghini offers a huge range of options to spec up your new car. This includes changing its colour.

    If you don’t fancy one of the numerous options the Italian manufacturer offers as standard, you can upgrade to something a little more exotic.

    Lamborghini’s Huracan is sure to turn heads if you spec it in its new Verde Agave colour option, however it doesn’t come cheap... At £50k it’s more than enough to buy a whole other supercar to cruise around in!

    It’s hard to imagine how this colour option warrants such a staggering price tag, when at Ngenco we have been manufacturing removable coatings, capable of replicating OEM factory finishes, at a fraction of the cost for many years. Continue reading

  • The Dangers of Grit

    When the temperature drops, it's common to see grit and salt being spread on the roads. While gritters make the roads safer to drive on, it can also have an adverse effect on cars.

    Constant exposure to grit and salt isn’t the kindest to your car, but by being aware of what to look out for and how to treat your car during the colder months can save you a lot of money in the future.


    While driving over salt and grit, you will notice that the car in front can kick up the salt and grit which can cause an issue to the elements underneath your car. With your exhaust, brake system and other key parts beneath your car, it can be hard to detect any damage. The sooner this damage is detected, the better. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Celebrity Cars

    Celebrities tend to enjoy the finer things in life. They live in breathtaking houses, take vacations throughout the year and drive around in cars many of us can only dream about owning!

    While some celebrities splurge on custom-made cars to stand out from the crowd, there are certain vehicles that they love to cruise around in. Read on as we bring you the top 5…


    From Gwen Stefani to Rob Kardashian and a wealth of famous athletes, the Porsche appeals to all. While Porsche was previously favoured by men, in 2002 they introduced the Cayenne in order to attract more female drivers. This move paid off, and you’ll often spot big names cruising around in this luxurious car. Continue reading

  • NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH - Spray Shield High Gloss Alloy Wheel Clear Protection Kit

    Are you looking to protect your alloy wheels? 

    Ngenco just made it a whole lot easier with the launch of our brand-new product - the Spray Shield High Gloss Alloy Wheel Clear Protection Kit.

    This new kit is the perfect way to protect your alloy wheels from everything the road throws at them including salt and grit during the winter. With the best high gloss finish available on the market, you are guaranteed a top quality, durable result.

    Designed for DIY application, the kit contains a pre clean degreaser as well as your easy to use base coat/top coat aerosols. We’ve also thrown in a nano gloss sealant, tyre protectors and 2 microfibre cloths to ensure you achieve the perfect look for your vehicle. DIY application really couldn’t be simpler.

    Simply click here to purchase – available now for £95.95.


    Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures once you’ve finished your application…





  • How to Drive Safely in Snow, Ice and Sleet

    Driving in bad weather conditions is something we wish we could avoid, however if you have to be in a certain place and have no other option than to get behind the wheel, follow our guide to staying safe through the worst weather conditions…

    1 - Be cautious - It should go without saying, but be extra cautious on the road in bad weather. There could be a sheet of ice underneath the layer of snow and the faster you drive, the less control you have over your car. You should also break earlier than you would during dry conditions and give yourself a large stopping distance from the car in front.

    2- Driving - When driving through snow, ice or sleet, make sure you follow the tyre tracks that other vehicles have left behind. There will be more traction in these areas resulting in your car becoming less prone to skidding.

    Continue reading

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