These Are The 5 Coolest Paint Colours Audi Has Ever Offered


Why settle for a white or black car when you have the option to choose some of these colours...?

Toucan Yellow

This colour is exclusive to Audi and for good reason. The colour offers something a standard black or white car cannot - a tropical and summer appearance. If you are looking for a bright and eye-catching colour, then the Vegas Yellow would be more appealing to you, however if you are looking for something unique, subtle, yet still has the ability to stand out from the crowd; Toucan Yellow is the colour for you.


Nimbus Grey Pearl Effect

This colour, unlike most greys that are seen on the road, offers something different. The shade oozes class and the subtle pearl effect allows the car to never look dull or boring.

Glut Orange

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this stunning orange will definitely catch a few eyes. With only five S3s painted orange, this makes the colour not only rare but it also adds something unique and different to this model.

Nardo Grey

Nimbus Grey was the Audi colour, but due to its success, it inspired Audi to create the incredible Nardo Grey. This shade of grey offers something subtly stylish, yet insanely eye catching; it is even labelled as the colour of 2017 in many car articles and with a rise in demand, this colour easily makes the top five coolest paint colours offered by Audi.

Nogaro Blue Pearl Effect

Nogaro Blue is a legendary Audi colour and has become a hit since it was first introduced. This is a colour that many car enthusiasts fall deep in love with and could quite possibly be the best colour Audi has ever created.


The majority of these colours are exclusive to Audi, however, with Ngenco's Autoflex available in thousands of colours, your unique and favourite car finish is at your fingertips. Get in touch with your local applicator today.