What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

It may come as no surprise to learn that black is the UK’s favourite car colour with 1 in 5 people opting to choose this colour over others.

However, it may come as a shock to learn that over-55s and women prefer the colour blue and 40 per cent of 18-24 year olds are drawn to the colour white.

Find out what your car colour says about you by reading on… 

Red – 30 per cent of males believe drivers in red cars are the happiest people on the road. However, past perceptions of people driving red cars mean they gather the reputation of being angry, but also adventurous…

Yellow – 40 per cent of females believe drivers in yellow cars are the happiest people on the road, however studies also show that only 16 per cent of people driving a yellow car are seen as attractive.

Pink – People driving a pink car have the highest number of speeding tickets (27%) and others believe people driving a pink car have a ‘funny’ personality.

Blue – Blue is a colour that many agree on, as the drivers are not only appear to be happy, but they seem to be loyal, kind and considerate.

Brown – 23 per cent of people believe that drivers of brown cars are a big turn off and 30% believe they are also the saddest, unkind and grumpy people on the road.

Green – Similar to driving a brown car, people who choose to drive a green car are seen as unhappy characters and are second highest in receiving the most speeding tickets.

Gold – 63 per cent of people that drive this coloured car experience high levels of road rage and are seen as greedy characters.

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