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Ngenco Gloss Nano Sealant 250ml is a highly researched complex blend of PTFE and polysilazanes particle displacement protection specifically manufactured by Ngenco Limited.

This revolutionary Hydrophobic PTFE Acryloplexin -12% P.T.F.E Sealant has been designed and engineered using nanotech technology to protect High Gloss Topcoat from everyday harmful elements, such as Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, Bird Droppings and Acid Rain.

What are the BENEFITS of using Ngenco Gloss Nano Sealant

Gloss Nano Sealant will protect your Auto Flex High Gloss Topcoat maintaining that extremely glossy finish.

Quick and easy cleaning

Simply washing with a good quality PH neutral shampoo and dry with a clean high quality microfibre drying towel.

Ngenco Gloss Nano Sealant Can Also Be Used On Regular OEM Clear Coat Giving The Same Outstanding Effect!

We recommend using Gloss Nano Sealant every time you wash your vehicle thus increasing the layers of protection