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With the aim to eliminate incorrect inlet pressure as a possible cause for quality problems, SATA currently offer sprayguns with digital pressure gauges integrated in the gun handle, while for non-digital SATA sprayguns there is the retrofit option of the SATA Adam 2 available. The advantages of both solutions are obvious: they are compact, lightweight and precise, and enable the painter to keep the pressure always under control.

Now, SATA are launching an additional retrofit solution for pressure control: the new SATA Adam 2 U.

With the SATA Adam 2 U, consisting of a SATA Adam 2 U Dock and the known SATA Adam 2 display, the painter has now the option to adjust and monitor the inlet pressure in digital form on any make of spray gun.

The display indicates the inlet pressure with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 bar, while the adjustment screw on the side allows to set the pressure precisely. This new addition to the SATA Adam 2 series offers tangible advantages in terms of cost and flexibility. Basically, the painter needs only invest in a single SATA Adam 2 digital display unit which can be utilised with all his SATA or non-SATA sprayguns that have been fitted with the appropriate SATA Adam 2 Dock or SATA Adam 2 U dock.