All dealerships & paint protection installers need to offer the very latest technologies and in paint protection it is no different. Ngenco provides customers with 5th Generation, state of the art, cutting edge paintwork protection sealant technology, manufactured in the UK, with our automotive paint protection products tested in major dealership groups both there and internationally.

Due to its price point and features, Ngenco’s automotive paint protection may be either complementary or substitutional to existing automotive paint protection products, providing increased income and profit margins. Whether applied to just the front end of vehicles where most damage occurs, or to full vehicles including grilles, trims, headlamps, calipers, wheels, whether to change a vehicles appearance between a high shine gloss or a matte finish or even to temporarily change a vehicles colour, Ngenco gives any dealership the ability to keep customers within in-house bodyshops for their paint protection installation ensuring full control and ownership of the customer experience.


Internationally bodyshops face the same commercial pressures – All powerful major customers (Insurers) – Safety gadget laden vehicles making crashes and bumps less likely – people choosing to drive less for the environment and increasing numbers of ride hailing offerings. New automotive paint protection products and services providing better margins, less competition, are essential in this brave new world.

Ngenco’s paintwork protection sealant is a unique add-on service for bodyshops as it requires experienced paint sprayers and spray booths to be applied. From UK experience bodyshops will earn a Net Profit of £135 p/h. With both technical and sales training support, Ngenco provides an opportunity for bodyshops to seize and protect a growing profitable market within their existing skill sets.

Detailers and Wrapping

There are many customer advantages to Ngenco Automotive Paint Protection Spray (PPS) compared to the older Paint Protection Film (PPF); It’s invisible to the naked eye once applied – there are no edges or surfaces too complicated to coat – it is safely removable without the risk of damage to underlying paintwork – but most importantly from a detailing point of view it can be easily polished and de-nibbed like normal lacquer.

Ngenco can also provide to a detailing business a “Ngenco Pod” – A “Plug & Play” fully weatherproofed container, kitted out to allow the mixing, spraying and baking of the product, whilst also being used during down time for other services such as Smart Repairs, Alloy wheel refurbishment, ceramic coating application and detailing. Ceramic coatings may be applied on top of the Ngenco PPS for added protection and shine.

A qualified automotive paint sprayer can be quickly trained how to apply Ngenco.

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